Wereldrecord voor Tim Dutton



In November 2006 is tim Dutton er als eerste in geslaagd om het kanaal over te steken met een amfhibi auto.


November 2006
Dutton Commander X2
Successful world record crossing by 2 amphibious cars of the same make. Total distance 30.4 miles in 7 hours 9 minutes giving an average speed of 4.2mph.

This is Doug's log of the crossing:-
6/11/06 travelling Dover (UK) - Calais (France), two 'Dutton' UK made amphibious cars piloted by Doug Hilton with first mate Adam soloman in one car and the other by Tim Dutton creator and manufacturer of the cars, crossed the English channel starting just after 10.00 and finally pulling out of the water well after darkness onto the beach at Calais after an eventful (and wet) 7 hours and 9 minutes fighting against waves, changing winds and being set miles to the west by the 7 metre plus tidal rips. Total distance covered 49 Km (30.4 miles). Average speed 6.7Km/hr (4.2 mph).

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